Ask Sissy King Sombra
Well it’s time to face the facts

I have no time for this blog. As much as it pains me, I am calling this one quits. 

The direction of this blog I planned on never came to fruition. It was meant to be a cooperative thing with my friend Lamia. But he lost interest really fast I think, and so have I. 

Sissy Sombra will probably show up in one off pictures or maybe even in future naughty Luna updates, but this blog is just dead. 

Thank you for enjoying what little I was able to provide here. 




For real this time. >.<

Update sometime soon. 

yhokolunaris replied to your photo: Rawr ((peeing is a privilege…)) 

So… does the cocoon have some sort of access in the rear? Or is the material malleable enough that it gives when someone uses you and then returns to form afterwards?

Rawr rawr ((No. The queen just removes it. It is part of her in a way.))

Rawr ((peeing is a privilege&#8230;)) 

Rawr ((peeing is a privilege…)) 


Important mod post, please read

(( Some talk has been going around about reporting Sissy Sombra for being a foal (child). He’s not. Sissy king Sombra is NOT a child.

He is smaller, cuter and relatively harmless. This does not make him a foal. He is still full grown.

I reiterate once more, NOT A FOAL. 

Also yes he is still male. ))

Guest art by Lamia. 

(Yes this is canon.)